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ughh. [Sep. 21st, 2008|01:19 am]
[Current Music |Don't Look Back - Telepopmusik]

So I figured I might start actually using this journal now, with school and all. Just so I have a place to vent. So I'll start ranting about my life here at St. Edwards haha

Well, the friends I have made here are amazing, and we're constantly laughing our asses off. There is a certain boy that I am interested in, and have the whole "school girl" crush on him. But I am not rushing it because I am constantly meeting cute boys and it's much too early too settle.

The downside, my sleep schedule is beyond fucked now. I consider going to bed between the hours of midnight - 2:30 early and a good nights sleep consists of a minimum of four hours. My roomate is a crazy bitch, but that's a different story. Some of my classes are hard as hell, but I love that they challenge me. I live at the bottom of a hill, so it's such a damn workout walking up and down it all day, but my legs look amazing now haha. 

Austin is amazing, but since my parents refused to let me bring my car I am forced to hitch rides, walk or occasionally bus, until I get my pretty white bike with a basket.

 I'm sorry, for whoever is reading this, that this is such a terribly written entry. I'll do a better job next time I swear.
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2007|10:48 pm]

I am just posting this here for reference!

Cat Power- August 17 @ The Granada
Wilco w/ Dr. Dog- September 14 @ The Palladium Ballroom
The National w/ St. Vincent- September 14 @ The Granada 
Austin City Limits- September 14-16 @ Zilker Park
Wall of Sound Festival- September 22 @ 
LaGrave Field in Ft. Worth
Animal Collective- September 22 @ Emo's
Deerhoof w/ Bloc Party- September 22 @ The House of Blues
Mono w/ High on Fire- September 26 @ The Granada 
Liars w/ Interpol- September 27 @ The Palladium Ballroom
Do Make Say Think- September 30 @ Hailey's
!!! (Chk Chk Chk)- October 1 @ The Loft 
Bonde Do Role w/ The Death Set- October 5 @ The Loft
Devendra Banhart w/ Jana Hunter- October 6 @ The Granada
Rilo Kiley- October 6 @ The Palladium Ballroom
Sonic Youth w/ Meat Puppets- October 7 @ The House of Blues
Stars- October 31 @ The House of Blues
Final Fantasy- November 2 @ Hailey's
Girl Talk w/ Bus Driver- November 2 @ The Loft
Spoon w/ The New Pornographers- November 2 @ The House of Blues
Fun Fun Fun Fest- November 3-4 @ Waterloo Park in Austin
Of Montreal- November 4 @ The Granada
Low- November 4 @ The Palladium Ballroom
Architecture in Helsinki- November 13 @ Hailey's

Z-Trip, The Gift of Gab - August 19 @ Granada Theater
Common - September 15 @ House of Blues
The Roots - September 19 @ House of Blues
Incubus - September 2 @ Smirnoff Music Centre

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communities onlyyy [Jun. 15th, 2006|05:34 pm]
i use this journal only to post in communities!!
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